Julia Cameron describes finding the artist's way through morning pages. Seth Godin says "show us your hour spent on the practice and we'll show you your creative path." 

I fell in love with art history classes in college, and spent early parts of my career bringing art from museums on to the internet. It's always a pleasure to walk (and scroll) through museum collections, and now many have simplified actually using these works in creative projects. I'm allowing space for that practice to browse around collections, making cards and things based on art that catches my eye. 

More art + card designs = better handwriting and reasons to send messages through the mail. I hope you'll want to join in too.

Kasugano, Kamisaka Sekka, 1909

Send messages of friendship and gratitude, or encourage tapping into the power of nature with this quiet scene of deer resting in the forest

Twee sneeuwhazen, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, 1911

Create and send an artful greeting, thank you, or wishes of abundance with this pair of snow rabbits

November, Julie de Graag, 1917

Resilient and transformative, the sunflower can communicate messages of hope, joy, strength and healing

Hondenkop, Julie de Graag, 1920

“Hondenkop” is Dutch for “head of a dog” or “dogface” – and who can resist this face

Bloeiende cactus (epiphyllum), Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, 1929

The cactus is a symbol of endurance - a plant that can flower despite difficult conditions

Vlinder, Julie de Graag, 1901

The butterfly is an iconic symbol of transformation. Send messages of hope, reinforce courage or express congratulations on a new milestone or achievement

Vlinder, haan en bladwerk, Julie de Graag, 1901

Send messages of hope, good luck, optimism for new beginnings with the iconography of the rooster

Viool, Julie de Graag, 1920

Violet is the official flower of February - and serves as a symbol or reminder of loyalty, thoughtfulness and dependability

The Rising Sun, Hasegawa Settan, 1824

Capture the essence of a rising sun to celebrate new beginnings, send encouragement or express gratitude